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This photo of a man on a cell phone was taken with a cell phone on a CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Purple Line train. I travel on this train quite often but don’t usually carry a camera with me.

We live in a society focused on distractions. I enjoy distracting myself by focusing on other people’s distractions.

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B&W Photography, May-Aug 2018, Uncategorized

Silent City Walls


This image was made while dodging cars whizzing through an underpass in Rodgers Park, Chicago. The mural artist captures that big city crush of cars everywhere you turn and does it very well. Hopefully the photo does too.
Note the contrast between the activity of the mural and the stalwart stillness of the arches. This is actually a very colorful photo but I really like it better in black and white. The small size here doesn’t do it justice.