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The Wall

Drawing on the concrete wall
Images begin to crawl
Thoughts revolve
Feelings fall
Like raindrops
Making pictures
Echoes there upon the wall

Chalk and fury
Little flurries
Tempered moments
Passing by
Illusions screaming
Memories leaving
Little scars
Across the wall

Drenched in color
A moving glow
Descends into this
Hallowed hall
Intentions growing
Little meanings
Leaving time
There on the wall

Growing older
Nights are colder
Looking back
Through what has been
Thoughts dissolving
Days gone by
Dreams left sleeping
Seeping deep into the wall

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Valley of Dreams

Sleepy feelings erupted on the landscape in her mind. Volcanoes jutted up across wild fields of endless rhyme. Visions from the clouds rained down to fill the empty streams. The lava steamed with fury as her heart began to dream.

The streams turned into rivers and then they overflowed. Passing memories drifted through the valleys of her soul. Trees of truth grew in those valleys, just outside her door. A million leaves were scattered deep across her bedroom floor.

She was resting thereon pillows of moss, lightly tossed to urge the scent. Windows open, the breeze came in and tickled her until she laughed. A fish walked through the open door and spoke to her of things to come. Running through sweet fields of clover, she met her dreams yet to be spun.

Down in the valley, she danced to the rhythm of another moonlit night. Waltzing through the land of lyrics, she teased the streams with pure delight. Wandering through the lava fields with flowers growing in her hair, she tiptoed through the evening air, picking dreams once planted there.

Across the valley, the rains subside. The rivers wane and the starlight hides. A misty glow comes to steal the night. Sunlight rises as her dreams take flight.

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Lake of Dreams

I poured my dreams into a lake
And watched them slowly dissipate
Those tender drops dissolved in waves
Rolling through the thoughts I’ve saved

Drenched in sunlight, dancing there
Those dreams evolved into a mist
Lifting up, it kissed the sky
Spinning rainbows for my eyes

Butterflies in brilliant light
What a sight as dreams take flight
Whatever comes, whatever goes
The ripples in the lake still flow

New thoughts reach down, deep down inside
As wonder drifts up from the waves
The lake returns so many dreams
Her wispy visions come to me

I let the dreams flow over me
The lake has now become a sea
I’m all absorbed in its salty spray
I drift away into another dream