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Softly in the Rain

Johanna had this cute pigeon-toed walk that made her butt sway like a sailor who’s been a little too long in port or in the port (depending on how you want to look at it). She had long-flowing, wavy, black hair that tantalized my fingers and tickled my nose. She was a lover of music, particularly rock and roll. Her dancing was exotic, hypnotic even. She loved to laugh and smile and that adorable southwestern accent made her easy to listen to and converse with. I was never shy about telling her how much she enthralled me and that seemed to make her happy but she always acted like she didn’t really know how beautiful she was. I would just have to keep reminding her of that fact, more often than not, with a kiss.

gentle mist
I walked with you
as hand-in-hand we traveled
beyond the night
to sunrise

It’s been said that perpetual motion is not perpetual. It’s been said that memories fade but for now my memories of you are perpetual. That night in Santa Fe, as we watched Old Man Gloom burn to the ground, that night the sight of your gentle face in the flickering light was emblazoned onto my soul. We never spoke unkindly to one another and now we never will. It was an amicable parting of the ways and I will always thank you for that. You left me with something good to remember and I’m happy you’re here to stay.

you touched my sleeve
as we passed by
the ground
beneath us

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