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We Met

high up
above the pale mountain
an owl circles…
my lover lets her hair fall
into moonlight

I often remember the way we met, two strangers loitering with seagulls on the otherwise-empty boardwalk just minutes before sunrise. I remember the way my vision of her blended into the briny aroma wafting up from the gently rolling sea, the smell of salt and seaweed embedded in the silhouette of her outlined against the horizon.

The hypnotic sound of the waves punctuated with a simple “Good morning” was all it took to create a short, uneasy pause before our smiles slowly emerged from the shadows. I tossed a piece of bread to the birds which immediately started squabbling over it. As we watched, it slowly dawned on me that I had her there all to myself.

a knock on the door
emerges from the realm
of evening silence…
one heartstring plucked
from a bed of roses

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