May-Aug 2018, Prose Poetry, Uncategorized

Correspondence (haibun)

inkfeatherDear You,

It’s been quite a while since we last spoke. I really have been busy. This spring found me, as usual, cleaning cobwebs off my honey-to-do list and stashing winter clothes in the attic. The front door still squeaks and I know how much that always bothered you. I think I’ll actually do something about it this year.

How have you been? I can’t remember it ever being so quiet around here. The pots and pans don’t clang around in the kitchen as much as they used to and the washing machine is off on a fritz. I do miss our repartee. Oh, what I would pay to hear you stab at me just one more time. A good parry is what I need right now. Nothing too heavy though. You know how we used to argue.

Anyway, here’s a little poem I wrote a rainy day or two ago. I hope you like it.

memories of us…
wind chimes
in a storm

Do stay in touch. I’ve never been too good with words and I know you must be busy so I’ll just say goodbye for now. Hope you’re doing well.



P.S. just a reminder…you left your footprints in the garden

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