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When I see you there in the brisk, fresh air
I’m watching you without a care.

To be with you is all I need,
just little seeds of thoughts I’ve dreamed.

To walk with you down the garden path.
To breathe with you is all I ask.

I have so very much more to give.
Inside your mind, I want to live.

Into your eyes, I love to look.
Your heart is such an open book.

Your feelings they reach out to me.
They teach me thoughts I’d never see.

I do believe I’m mesmerized.
My mind is floating across your sky.

The clouds drift by, your light shines through.
I’m loving you with all I do.

Please let me stay another day.
Let the passing years take us away.

Let me dream with you
till the creek runs dry

And sleep with you
in the bye and bye.


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