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Recovery (For Sharlin)

Down, deep down inside…
down inside where the memories hide,
where the meanings mean so very much more,
beyond a time we can’t ignore.

Down where the dragons hunt and crawl.
Lost in the maze…falling, falling.
Against the wall…clawing, clawing.

Up, pushing up…
Out, reaching out…
In, letting in…flying, trying.
Living, dying, laughing, crying.
Across the wind…singing, smiling.

Down below where the meanings flow,
we see a light in the cold, dark night.
Reading leaves in our hot, dark tea,
we’re believing things we just can’t believe.

Sailing far across the sea,
we grieve for loves we’ve never seen.
Our minds are wrapped in the waves of time.
What once was lost is ours to find.

I thank you now for this little dance.
A lovely chance to see the light.
You mean so very much to me,
here inside my dreams.

From deep inside these shadowed halls,
we’ve finally reached beyond the walls.
Above the sky, deep down inside,
like birds we fly, escaping time.

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