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I Still Miss You

I was used to you.
Each day was new.
Each time we played,
we played a different game.

Drifting through
the murky haze,
we’d think it through
and then we’d do.

I’m lost without your pleasant gaze.
Traveling down the roads we paved.
My soul was yours, the one you saved.
Our dreams they lived from day to day.

One day you left, it’s hard to say.
The bus came by and wrecked our day.
I miss you more as time goes by.
I often stop to wonder why.

That lasting kiss you left me with
is all I taste, it’s all I feel.
The harmony you brought to me,
it filled the well inside my dreams.

My dearest one, I still see you,
Laughing, happy, loving me.
My heart is torn beyond compare.
These shoes are worn but I still care.

I can’t forget the plans we made.
Each day I live to honor thee.
The raging sea can’t quell our dreams.
The love we shared still sets me free.


2 thoughts on “I Still Miss You”

    1. Thank you for your words. This was a very popular poem on and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Please stop back anytime. I post new poems almost every day. I’m just getting started with the website so things are a bit cluttered and slow but it’s coming in to focus. Again, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Richard


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